Tela Fertile

Sardinia, Italy
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Client Description

Tela Fertile, a Bio Food Company contacted us for a little rebranding. They needed brand guidelines to follow to increase their presence in the market. During several meetings, we decided together to create a new #BrandIdentity and set up a new logo strategy and new packaging ( in progress at this time ).

Logo: We maintain the previous one Calligraphic Hand made Font, useful for guaranteeing credibility and trust in the Bio Products.

We changed colours palette and provided the Client with a “guide”:
  1. Gridded Logo
  2. Logo Mark
  3. Palette and Shades Colors
  4. New Font and Web Font to be used
  5. Samples of Merchandising
? Colors used:

? Sheen Green: to make a powerful statement and convey a sense of authority and Eco Bio Food ?Saddle Brown is stimulatory, conjuring feelings of heart and warmth.
?Steel Blue: It gives the soothing feeling of peace, but also authority. ??We immediately established a beautiful relationship with the Clients and plan to collaborate for a long time with tips, tricks and solutions to increase sales traffic and presence online.